Those "high-tech" gadgets that watch over our house

Today, technological innovations continue to make our homes more connected and smarter. Here is a small selection of the latest "high-tech gadgets" that help us monitor and maintain our home.



The intelligent camera and fire alarm

Called "Net Cam", this small camera is both connected and intelligent. It differs from conventional video surveillance cameras in that it can distinguish the light emitted by a torch from that emitted by a burglar from that of the headlights of a car passing through the street. It automatically sends an alert in case of serious problems. Similarly, the Nest Protect fire alarm can also accurately detect carbon dioxide and only signals real threats.



The key sharing box

A modern and safer alternative to doormats and flowerpots, "Select Access" is an intelligent box specially designed to keep your keys safe. It's a great solution for people who are exchanging homes or renting. Programmable, tamper-proof and resistant, it locks with a combination of your choice.



The stand-alone flower pot

Speaking of flower pots, planted in these "smart pots", your plants will no longer require any attention from you. The stand-alone flower pots will provide the necessary water, fertilizer and oxygen in optimal quantities.



For a warm and planned welcome at home

Thanks to the connected appliances, it is now possible for you to prepare your return home. For example, you can program the kettle to have a hot tea when you get home. And this extends to all the rf remote control devices in the house, which allows you, for example, to be welcome back home by a predefined music playlist.

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